Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stool Update!

Hi bone fans! Chris T. here (the Chris without a job), and I just wanted to let everyone know about my recent stool upgrade. For about a year, I've been puttering around on a lightweight Pearl drum throne that is only mildly padded. Ouch!!! With a grant from National Arts Councilman Lee Greenwood, I was able to purchase this brand new Sound Percussion extra padded throne:

In case anyone's curious, I'm rehearsing my most recent composition for the Po' Boys, "Concerto for Cowbell and 2 Cowbells" with minimal rump discomfort! Thanks Lee Greenwood!

Welcome to the PBBB's Blog!

Welcome to the Po Boys brand new blog! Here you will find periodic updates (more frequent than the website) with pictures, videos and more!

Also notes from the guys (not just Erik!), and updates about shows, and maybe even some of Chris Vanhof's famous WXXI blogs...

Until then...

- Nick