Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hospice Regatta and Abilene

Friday marked the last gigs of a great summer series for the Boys, back-to-back shots at the Rochester Yacht Club and Abilene Bar and Lounge.

The first was a real steamer of a clam bake fundraiser for the Rochester Hospice Regatta. Great people together for a great cause meant that the Po' Boys were in top form; rockin' the tent and even getting a traditional N'awlins street parade going. Finished the gig off by chugging 7 dozen clams and we're off to Abilene.

The rain kept us off the patio, but Abilene was ready to bring the full force inside to the bar. I think this was our first indoor, all-amped show here, and it was loud and raucous. The crowd was charged and receptive, spurring on memorable versions of Black Dog, RAF Riff and others. Always a great place to hang and play.

The band has next week off, but be sure to come out to Lovin' Cup at R.I.T. on September 5th for the big back to school show, as it's going to be engorged with funk! Don't forget to check out the new website at for updates on the fall tour happening in October.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Drumroll please....

Hiya folks,

Our new website went live last Wednesday and since then we've received a flood of emails from friends, family, and fans who wanted to let us know what they think. The verdict??

The new website ROCKS!!!

And you know who else rocks? YOU rock. Because as a Po'Fan, you're one of the greatest fans on the planet! So we want to thank you...

As part of new website promo, the first 10 people who contacted us about the website were entered to win an autographed copy of Bone Break as well as 2 comps to the next ticketed PBBB show in their city. We had a drawing at our last show and the winner is...

Sheila S. in Rochester, NY!!

Thanks to all of you who left your comments. You all deserve a high five or a hug or something!

We continue to be blessed by the support you, our fans, give us on a daily basis. The only reason funk rock band comprised of trombones and tubas would survive this long is because you demand it. We will keep on rocking and funkin' it good and we hope you'll stick around for the ride!

In other news, we had a great show at the Lansing Harbor Fest this past Saturday. This show marks the official end of our summer festival tour. Although we're sad to wind down the summer, we're extremely happy to be returning home to the good ole' ROC!!

We're doing a show at one of our favorite venues, Abilene Bar and Lounge on Friday, August 21st. If you haven't been there, next Friday's a great time to go. This place is jumpin all the time. The owner, Danny, LOVES music and always has great stuff going on. The joint is truly a collection of some of the greatest musical minds in Rochester. From local music heroes to record label execs and major promoters, there's rarely a night where you don't bump into a local hero of the music scene...

...and when I say bump, I mean BUMP into them. One of our favorite things about Abilene is that it's a small venue where we're right up close to the fans. The dancing gets hot and the music hotter and there's always great vibes. Come on down and spend an evening with us!

See you soon ROC.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Website and coolness!

Hiya folks. Erik here. How's it going?? It's going pretty darn well in Po'Boys land! We're wrapping up an awesome summer festival season in Lansing, NY next weekend and looking forward to unveiling the long-kept-secret Fall Tour everybody has been anticipating! Are we coming to your neck of the woods? You'll find out soon!

In the meantime, dig this. After weeks of compiling data and working hard, lonely nights, our web designer, Beth over at is coming close to meeting our slave-driving demands for a spankin' hot new website!!!

The website will be your one-stop shop for all things Po'Boys. You'll be able to access our Street Team missions, download full-size tour posters and even shop in our online store for brand new merchandise!! There will also be a ton of free goodies for you to download and play with, and even better ways to contact and keep in touch with us! YAAY!

Official Launch Date for Wednesday, August 12th...just 4 days away!

Tell your friends and get ready...the first 10 fans to contact the band and let them know what they think of the new website will be entered to win a free Bone Break CD signed and autographed by the band, and two free tickets to the next PBBB show in your city!!!

Keep checking back on Wednesday, August 12th for more trombone than is humanly possible!